Çimsa, a subsidiary of Sabancı Holding and one of the leading companies in the Turkish cement sector, announced its first “Integrated Annual Report” in line with the United Nations Development Program. With this report, Çimsa has shared information including corporate culture and social investment projects as well as its financial information.

Expressing the integrated thinking and sustainability at all stages of the economic cycle from management to production, ÇİMSA 2016 Integrated Annual Report redefined the company’s business processes in light of an integrated mindset. Carrying its successful reporting activities into a new world, Çimsa conveyed the current output of its activities, its future plans and goals within the scope of the capital categorization proposed by the IIRC (International Integrated Reporting Council) of which it is a member for 3 years.

In 2016, ÇİMSA General Manager Nevra Özhatay stated that a total of 11 million dollars investment has been made in environment, occupational health and safety and education, and together with production investments, this amount reached to 195 million USD. With 5 integrated plants, 31 ready-mixed concrete facilities, 7 foreign terminals, a total of 5.6 million tons of cement was produced last year, and exports made to more than 65 countries reached 110 million USD. Özhatay stated that “As a young company operating for 45 years we meet the needs of our customers properly and promptly with a market-focused approach and a wide distribution network. Thanks to our competence in R&D and innovation, we are among the world’s leading brands in white cement. Thanks to the export success we have achieved in white cement and special products, we are contributing to the development of our industry as well as raising the awareness of our Çimsa brand on the global level.”


Özhatay stated that two large investments have been signed in Eskişehir and Afyonkarahisar Plants within this year: “With on investment of 55 million USD we are making a modification in Eskişehir Cement Plant to produce both gray and white clinker. Thus, with the current production in our Mersin plant, our annual production capacity will reach 1 million 565 tons and our global position as a white cement leader will be strengthened. Thanks to our second major investment with 165 million USD budget, the production capacity of our Afyon Cement Plant will triple by reaching 1.5 million tons of clinker production capacity annually. With these investments, while Çimsa’s position in the sector is strengthened, we will also continue to create social, environmental and economic value for our country by increasing employment.”


By pointing that measuring the value of a company with only its financial data is no longer valid, ÇİMSA General Manager Nevra Özhatay said “Factors that constitute the main meaning of the companies in terms of society are corporate social responsibility activities, their environmental sensitivity and the sustainability of this point.” Having acted with this insight, Çimsa, in particular, has taken the principle of providing support to the education of children and young people and continues to contribute to the development of children through the “Summer Kids” social responsibility project that has been carried out since 2011. Çimsa donates to Financial Literacy and ca result of the cooperation with FODER, financial literacy courses will be given for 3 different age groups for 3 periods in Niğde within the scope of the Summer Kids project.

Özhatay stated that as ÇİMSA, they started to present the activities performed in this area for many years and how they transformed this into an institutional culture.

“In terms of corporate governance, we carried our exemplary reporting activities, the keys of our success, a step further and completed our Integrated Annual Report in the light of long studies. We have once again underlined that success is not only financially sourced, but that the efficient and correct use of environmental and social resources is extremely important.

As Çimsa, we presented how we strategically integrate our financial activities and our sustainability understanding, and how we cement yesterday, today and tomorrow, and also our competence in integrated thinking, planning and execution in the report we prepared. We aim to make Çimsa 2016 Integrated Annual Report, which we offer with all transparency, the relationship between our company’s various business and functional units and the capital items used, as an example to all of Turkey’s valuable companies.


Integrated reporting is considered a next generation reporting approach. It is anticipated that many companies will use integrated reporting in the near future.   Basics of integrated reporting:

  • It sets out a road map for companies’ business model, strategy and future goals.
  • It increases the quality of information provided to the investor in order to distribute the capital more effectively and efficiently.
  • It reveals the relationships between the different units of the companies.
  • It provides easy management, simplicity and transparency of financial, social and environmental resources.
  • It strengthens the decision-making and engagement mechanisms for companies to create value for society and the company in the short, long and mid-term.
  • It highlights that the success cannot only be measured on the financial basis, but social and environmental added values have also critical importance.

Key points of Çimsa 2016 Integrated Annual Report:

  • In 2016, Çimsa continued to create value and share this value with its stakeholders. While sharing 6 million tons of cement and other products with its customer, it has achieved net sales revenue of 1 billion 170 million TRY. Çimsa has paid a dividend of 201 million TRY to its shareholders. Within the same year, 726 million TRY was paid to suppliers. By paying 55 million TRY tax to state Çimsa has provided 1.2 million TRY financial support to social responsibility projects.
  • A total of 195 million USD worth of investments were made on renovation, maintenance, modernization and capacity increase of which 11 million USD was spent on environmental and occupational health and safety, education and sustainability.
  • Çimsa Afyon Cement Plant has been moved to a new production facility equipped with modern technology with an investment of 165 million USD.
  • An investment of 55 million USD was made on 1st Production Line of the Çimsa Eskişehir Plant to transform it into a line that produces both gray and white clinkers (convertible).
  • Çimsa has contributed to country’s employment with 2500 people.
  • Çimsa was awarded at the “15th Respect for the Human Being Awards” organized by for the second time.
  • In the Occupational Health and Safety Performance Awards performed by Cement Industry Employers’ Union (ÇEİS), Çimsa Kayseri Plant won the first place with its successful performance.
  • Çimsa joined the “Global Compact Turkey Women Empowerment Work Group” in 2015 in order to encourage the private sector’s gender equality initiatives through inter-company learning processes.
  • As of 8th March 2016 our company signed the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) and committed to develop and implement company policies which will improve gender equality.
  • Çimsa received a score of A- in CDP Turkey thanks to the company’s success in the reporting period of 2016 and was awarded the Turkey’s Climate Leaders Awards, thus achieving a first in the Turkish cement sector.