Çimsa promotes a range of its product portfolio under the umbrella of “The Name of the Formula” at World of Concrete (WOC) 2017, the first and the most important International Building and Construction Trade Show held in Las Vegas on 17th-20th January. Innovative products and services of Çimsa attracted great attention during the show.

One of the leading cement and building materials manufacturers of Turkey and the world, Çimsa participated in the International Building and Construction Trade Show WOC 2017, which has been organized since 1975 and maintained the highest participant and visitor rate in its field, attracting the pioneering companies of the building sector. During the show, Çimsa had the opportunity to promote its special products in white cement and calcium aluminate manufactured under the umbrella of “The Name of the Formula” to the leading users of the construction sector. Çimsa’s innovative product families that were launched to the market under the brand names of Rego, Refro, Resisto, Recipro, Crafta, and Super White attracted great attention during the trade show. World of Concrete 2017 introduced the innovative products, construction machinery, construction equipment, safety training courses, new technologies from the four corners of the world, and limitless networking opportunities to the masses.

Having a 45-year-long operations in the cement and building materials sector, Çimsa made a difference with its R&D and White Cement and Special Products Sales and Marketing teams. Çimsa Sales and Marketing Teams had the opportunity to promote its brands one by one in the stand, which attracted intense attention of the visitors.

Nevra Özhatay, Çimsa General Manager said, “Çimsa meets white cement needs of more than 60 countries on 7 continents through our wide logistics network. Our products are on high demand and recognized by their superior quality in the international markets.” Emphasizing that Eskişehir Plant investment was put on the agenda to meet that intense demand, Özhatay said that the foregoing investment of USD 55 million was to be completed in the second quarter of 2017: “Thanks to that investment, the white cement manufacturing capacity of Çimsa will increase from 1.2 million tons to 1.6 million tons. Considering that the white cement manufacturing in the entire world is 25 million tons and the overseas trade is 5 million tons, we will hold a rather important position in the global market with our increased white cement capacity due to Eskişehir investment. Exporting 75% of our white cement production, Çimsa has the highest market share in the international trade. We will further strengthen our position by domestic and foreign investments. Beyond production in Turkey and export, we are able to provide our customers with the desired product any time it is requested through our 7 terminals in abroad. In the markets where we don’t have a terminal organization, we use the most effective logistics channels to offer products and services to our customers in full and on time.”


  • World leader in white cement, Çimsa established the first and only Cement Research and Application Center in Mersin in 2000, breaking new ground in its sector.
    • High value-added and special products for special needs have been developed in the Cement Research and Application Center, serving in Mersin since its establishment.
    • Çimsa products are used all over the world to build the future. Çimsa strengthens its pioneering role in the sector through its operational competency as well as its environmentalist approach and sustainability-focused investments.
    • With its R&D power, setting a good example for the sector, Çimsa is the only calcium aluminate cement manufacturer in Turkey.
    • Çimsa develops the optimum solutions for the recipies of its business partners as a result of the work conducted under the roof of «The Name of the Formula.» The values, which made Çimsa «The Name of the Formula» are Performance, Variety, Creating Solutions 24/7, R&D, and Sustainability.
    • In «The Name of the Formula» concept, Çimsa groups white cement and special products under three main families: Çimsa Super White, Çimsa Aluminates, and Çimsa White Concrete solutions. New products have been developed under these families, which offer tailor-made solutions:
  • The first product family of Çimsa belonging to the Aluminates family is RECIPRO, which was developed specifically for building chemicals applications. The second product family of the same family is REFRO, which was specifically offered to refractory applications.
  • RESISTO series is the third cement product belonging to the Çimsa Aluminates family and utilized in technical concrete applications.
  • The fourth and the last product belonging to the Çimsa Aluminates family is REGO, which is a calcium aluminate clinker aggregate intended as general use.
  • CRAFTA is another series that belongs to the Super White family and used in mortar applications.
  • The innovative cement products portfolio of Çimsa also includes such brand names as NONA, the cement, which Cleans Itself and The Air, and CEMENTHA, the Anti-Bacterial Cement.