Being a pioneer in cement and construction materials industry in Turkey due to its innovation and R&D strength and its special products like White Cement and Calcium Aluminate Cement, Çimsa organized the second Seminar on Building Chemicals.

General Manager of Çimsa, Mrs. Nevra Özhatay said: “We had a dream before we set off; the dream was to hold such a seminar. We continue to dream, we would be glad if you can be with us.”

One of the leading companies in the cement sector of Turkey, Çimsa organized the 2nd Seminar on Building Chemicals on September 8, 2016 in order to evaluate the improvements in the construction materials sector. Hosting an intensive participation in the Sakip Sabanci Museum, developments and technical applications in the building chemicals sector was discussed in the seminar.

Performing the opening speech of the Seminar, Çimsa General Manager Mrs. Nevra Özhatay has noted that Çimsa has been an ever-growing global company due to its 44 years of experience, wide range of products, respectful approach to people and the environment. Adding that they have continued their journey in the sector with the aim of achieving the best, Özhatay shared their innovative projects.  “The Name of the Formula” concept is formulized to the business partners by considering the needs of each sector, instead of portfolios consisting of a single product. It offers solutions that contain special performance specific to that segment. On this matter, General Manager Özhatay has emphasized the importance of the value they have contributed to the building chemicals sector as Çimsa, “We built the ‘the Name of Formula’ on 5 values. Our first value is the product diversity; developing range of products which is special to the needs of you and your customers. Our second value is to provide high and stable performance of these products and bring assurance to this. But at the third level, we aim to come to you with a solution, not only a product. Our aim is to become a 24/7 solution partner during your manufacturing process, work with you on issues of our products and create solutions. Of course, one of the values that support these three values is Research and Application Development. This is a cycle, dear friends, and it is a never-ending cycle. Finally, the main objective of all our works is to create an economical value for ourselves, for you and your customers. But we believe that with our projects, product and resource optimization as well as with our sustainability approach under “The Name of the Formula” we will lead this sector to higher levels.

“We care about today. Because today offers us the chance to learn, share and improve together with you.”

Emphasizing the market trends of R&D investments in the sector and how it shapes the sector’s dynamics, Özhatay told about the works carried out on innovation as Çimsa with these words:

“As Çimsa, we have been working for many years to do something new in our industry and say something new. Operating since the year 2000, our Cement Research and Application Center is the first and only in its field. In our Cement Research and Application Center, which is considered as an “innovation base”, we develop different applications and high value-added products for our customers’ specific needs. This center is the locomotive force that ignites Çimsa. It’s the innovative side of our company, which allows us to put our signature under future and products of future.”

The significant guests of the 2nd Seminar on Building Chemicals

Prof. Dr. İsmail Özgür and Prof. Dr. Mustafa Tokyay from Middle East Technical University, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Oğuzhan Çopuroğlu from Delft University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Johann Plank from Technical University of Munich and also Tuğhan Delibaş and Melike Sucu from Çimsa Research and Application Center were among the significant speakers of 2nd Seminar on Building Chemicals, which hosted leading figures from Turkey and abroad. During the presentations made in Sakıp Sabancı Museum, developments and applications that shape the building chemicals sector were discussed.

Participants of the seminar then had the chance to visit the “MACK. Just Light and Color” exhibit that includes the artworks of German Artist Heinz Mack, who is notably among the founders of the mid-20th century avant-garde art network, the ZERO movement.